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Whether it's helping figure out your messaging, designing your brand and collateral systems, or producing an effective sub-brand for a new product or service, we love working with fellow marketers.

We're all about making statements (it's in our mission statement). We'd love to help you make yours.

Our approach

We do competitive research and company naming, value proposition definition and refinement.

That provides the basis for logo and brand design, and for defining your tone of voice so we can help you craft great content.

Knowing me, knowing you: understanding our clients

Great companies love working with Hot Sauce because we're dedicated to understanding what you do and helping make your value obvious.

We're direct and straightforward; we'll tell you if we don't think you're communicating well (and we'll give you ideas of ways to improve). We'll also tell you if we think you're doing great and don't need our help.

It's all about real partnerships with clients. 

Sound like a smart cookie: messaging & content strategy

We love working with clients that have something interesting to say. Sometimes, we help them figure out what that is.

Hot Sauce's strategy team works with clients big and small to help with defining and evaluating value propositions, front-line messaging, and catchy (but meaningful) headlines.

Making and breaking rules: visual identity design and development

Logo design. Color palettes. Style and usage guides. Recommending against Comic Sans. Hot Sauce can help.

We've built "identity systems" for companies large and small, giving our clients the tools they need to communicate their brand effectively and consistently.

And, sometimes, we help clients break (or, at least, bend) the rules, too. When your existing brand parameters aren't doing it for you, we can help find creative ways to use your brand differently

Hot Sauce Brand - Color Palette

Hot Sauce went out of their way to understand our business. When we started working with them, we thought we were hiring a web design firm–but what we got was a full-fledged digital marketing agency.