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Georgia-Pacific Mess Test design by Hot Sauce

Georgia-Pacific and Grainger partnered with Hot Sauce to design and build the Mess Test - a microsite with quizzes, tips, and expert advice for businesses to evaluate their restrooms, breakrooms, and workplaces for best practices in cleanliness and sanitation.

Initial Concepting

Our process began with a creative brief, and initial concepts to stir up the creative juices.

At Hot Sauce, we like to use a variety of techniques to help elicit and share ideas - from back-of-the-napkin sketches to mood boards and mock-ups.

Content Strategy and Development

Once we'd settled on the overall concept for the quizzes, Hot Sauce developed the overall content approach, writing questions that were friendly, informal, and a little irreverent.

Hot Sauce supported the Mess Test campaign with writing for radio spots and related material.

Mess Test Content Matrix

The Site in Action

While the Mess Test concept is now over, you can still see our work - and enjoy the unique sound of Georgia-Pacific's paper dispenser - at

Georgia Pacific Mess Test