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Hot Sauce has worked with Atlanta-based Manhattan Associates on a wide range of projects spanning many years.

Most recently, we worked to support Manhattan with Momentum, its annual customer event.

From microsite UX and design to speaker support and video production, Hot Sauce was a key partner in making Momentum a success.

Website UX

Beginning with high-level "block concepts" and moving into detailed, high-fidelity responsive wireframes, we built an extensive blueprint for the new Momentum website.

Thinking about context: our responsive approach

Working from data that suggested that visitors to the Momentum website typically used their desktop computers before the event, and their phones while at Momentum, we used a distinct web app-oriented approach for mobile users of the site that changes into a more traditional web view for larger screens.

Onward momentum: a fully client-maintained microsite

Manhattan Associates has continued to use the site we built for Momentum for several years, easily updating the look of the site to match the year's theme for the event but requiring a minimum of technical know-how.