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Publix project by Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce worked with Publix to develop its Ultimate Tailgate Party website, which provides tailgating tips, recipes and more - and can be customized to the team colors of Publix-sponsored NFL teams.

We continue to work with Publix to regularly update and maintain the site, and have also worked on related microsites for a variety of needs, including one for Atlanta's new soccer team, Atlanta United and another for the "big game" (internal codename: Superb Owl).

Smart design: Build once, use many

The original goal of having a single site that could be themed with individual sports teams' colors led us to build the Publix site to be easily updatable and "reskinnable."

As a result, we've been able to quickly spin up new versions of the site that re-use key content like tailgating tips, recipe listings, and schedules. And because the sites share a common code-base, new functionality added once gets to be used everwhere.

It's a win-win: our client gets to see results quickly; we get to concentrate on being creative rather than on grinding out code.